Stock Extension Spring Catalog


Definition: The inventory of pre-manufactured extension springs made into physical form by placing it into a stock extension spring catalog. The catalog is made for the public so that customers may have access to the spring company's full extension spring stock.

The Spring Store by Acxess Spring has brought you their full online stock extension spring catalog for you to download in PDF format. The catalog has over 4,000 stock extension spring designs which you may search through using the advanced yet user-friendly tools we have provided in both of our websites. It is easier to find a good fit into your device since the spring dimensions like outer diameter and free length are based on standard fractional sizes.

stock extension spring catalog

Spring Finder is also an advanced tool which works as a search engine. A how-to-measure-extension-springs diagram is provided so that you may recognize each dimensions provided as well as "What's this?" buttons for values like rate and initial tension. The inputs you will enter will either be dimensional or force values and you will enter them in ranges from the smallest value your device's tolerances allow to the largest value your mechanism's tolerances allow. You may select one or more of the following values: outer diameter, length inside hooks, Once you have entered the information you selected, spring finder will do a search through our stock extension spring catalog based on the dimensions you input; it will only provide you with the springs that meet the tolerance ranges you selected. The next great tool we have to help you select a spring from our stock extension spring catalog is Spring Creator.

Spring Creator, our online extension spring calculator, is one of the tools previously mentioned. With Spring Creator you're able to create a new spring design but at the same time that you're generating a design, you'll be provided with suggestions of similar extension springs in stock. The calculator automatically does a search based on your extension spring's parameters like its physical dimensions and spring rate. These features are what make our online extension spring calculator one of the most advanced spring design softwares on the net because, not only is it user friendly, it also only required you to input a few of your spring's physical dimensions, type of hooks, and material type in order to provide you with a full spring analysis.

In this small selection of stock extension springs from our catalog, there are different variations of extension spring designs which all fall into your entered criteria. All of the extension spring's physical dimensions will be shown as well as spring rate, initial tension, suggested maximum load, suggested maximum travel, type of hooks, and if it is plated. Besides being provided with the spring specifications you will also be provided with their unitary price which you can see wholesale prices and quantities for by clicking on a specific part number.