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Definition: Stock compression or coil springs sold at a lower price when a larger quantity is ordered. These springs are kept on the shelf ready for delivery.

At The Spring Store, you may buy compression or coil springs at wholesale prices when ordering larger quantities. Some of our stock compression springs will begin having wholesale prices at 100 pieces while others will start at 10 pieces. The more you order, the better the price. It is also convenient to purchase stock compression springs at The Spring Store because you are given the opportunity to buy springs at small quantities under retail pricing.

Search for wholesale compression springs using our optimized spring search engine where you may input only a couple of your spring's dimensions to be presented with several options of stock compression springs with similar dimensions. The finder will also allow you to make an advanced search by inputting some more details about your spring design including wire diameter, solid height, working loads, and spring rate. In case that you might be doubtful about which spring to choose, you may use our free compression spring calculator.

The calculator allows you to generate a full and accurate analysis of your spring design with the dimensions it requires you to input. These dimensions are: end type, wire diameter, outer diameter, free length, active coils, and material type. The results you will get back include spring rate, spring index, maximum safe load and travel, and a section where you may input your working loads to make sure the spring will be able to meet them. Generate a live blueprint of this design and email it to yourself or a colleague. Also, shop for similar stock compression spring wholesale straight through the calculator since you will be provided with a short list of the closest designs in stock.

For jobs that require large quantities and custom modifications, the best thing is to request a custom quote via our quick quote forms at Acxess Spring, The Spring Store or directly through our compression spring calculator so that we receive all of your spring specifications along with a live blueprint of your design.

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If you are uncertain that a spring will work but look forward to ordering larger quantities to earn a wholesale price for the spring, you may place your first order by meeting our $89 minimum order limit and receive a credit for that order once you place the order for the larger wholesale quantities.