The Best and Most Simple Way to Buy Stock Springs

Buying stock springs should be easy, however, many people struggle to find the right one and this can sometimes complicate the process. At Compression Spring you don't have to worry about this. We have ensured that your spring search is easy and facilitate the buying process. We have several easy to use tools such as: Spring Finder to assist you in searching for, selecting, and buying the perfect spring in just 3 simple steps.

  • -Find

  • Search for the perfect compression, extension or torsion spring. Just input the dimensions and characteristics you need your spring to have, and then click search, to get a list of the springs we have in stock that match that search.

  • -Select

  • Once you run a search you will have to select the springs that best match your requirements. Take into consideration your specific needs and what dimensions are non-negotiable.

  • -Buy.

  • Once you have selected the stock springs you want, add them to the cart and checkout. The process is really simple and easy to complete. Should you have any issues or questions you can contact us directly: (951) 276-2777

What makes us different?

Ok, so the search and entire process of buying your stock springs sounds easy and simple, but why buy from us?

  • Simplicity

  • First of all, not only do we make it easy for you to buy, but we also make it super simple for you to find, select and get the perfect spring. We have structured our site to be easy to navigate. We have created tools that simplify both spring design and the search of stock springs. For example, our Spring Creator Calculator, is easy to use in case you need to actually design a specialty spring that cannot be found in stock. We also have hundreds of articles to help you better understand springs just go into our tech pages. If that is not enough, our live online web chat allows you to quickly ask questions so you can get the answers you need.

  • Pricing.

  • We have some of the most competitive pricing on the market and offer additional discounts for higher quantity lots. We also have a very low min. purchase amount. While other companies charge higher prices for just a few pieces or require that you buy greater amounts of a specific spring in order to purchase from them, we have lowered our min purchase amount. Our min purchase amount is only $40 USD and this can be covered by buying several different springs they do NOT all have to be the same spring or even the same type of spring. This gives you the flexibility to test and/or prototype without exceeding your budget. This also means you can buy springs of different types to complete your min. order amount of $40 USD without having to place separate orders.

best place to buy stock springs

Quality and Service

The quality of our springs is truly top-notch, our high-quality standards, and highly trained team are all part of outstanding quality control practices and are some of the best in the industry. This ensures that the spring you get is well within tolerances, is made with reliable material and meets the specified standards. All of this ties in with our truly remarkable customer service and engineering assistance. Our team members and engineers are always happy to help and assist you in buying a high-quality spring that truly matches your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions you can always contact us at