Extension Spring Finder

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Find and buy stock extension springs in two easy steps using Spring Finder. This simple tool makes finding the stock tension spring you need a fast and productive task. Search through over 4,000 designs off the shelf.

The following simple steps will get you started:
  1. Enter Your Inputs
  2. Select Your Spring(s)

Step 1.) Enter Your Extension Spring’s Dimensions

When searching for a stock extension spring, you base your search on its parameters and tolerances. We do have thousands of springs in stock but, most likely, you will find springs similar to yours, not exact replicas. Spring Finder will allow you to search for your springs in both english and metric units. Initially, it gives you three parameters to search your spring by but gives you the opportunity to expand it into a more advanced search where you have more parameters to choose from.

In the basic search, you can enter:
  • outer diameter
  • length inside hooks
  • spring rate

Next to each dimension, you will see two input boxes where you can enter your max. and min. tolerances for that specific parameter.

To access the parameters in the advanced search, click on “Search More Fields” where the following dimensions will be available:
  • load
  • deflection (travel required)
  • initial tension
  • wire diameter
  • material type
The fields are not mandatory so you can choose whatever dimension you feel needed and click “Search” once you have done so.

extension spring finder

Step 2 - Find Your Springs

After clicking “Search” on the Finder, you will be directed to a page of results. These results are displayed in a table/list as default but you can select to view them in a grid format where they will be shown side to side. The amount of results you get will depend on how many dimensions you entered and how tight or loose the tolerances are. Based on how many results you generate, you can also choose to show from fourteen to seventy products per page.

These are the specifications you can organize your extension springs by:
  • Part Number
  • Price
  • Outer Diameter
  • Length Inside Hooks
  • Rate
  • Max. Load
  • Max. Deflection (Max. Travel Required)
  • Initial Tension
  • Wire Diameter
  • Total Coils
  • Inner Diameter

Spring Finder Results in Table

extension spring finder results in a table list

Spring Finder Results in Grid View

extension spring finder results in grid format

After you have figured out how you want to display the results of your Spring Finder search, you can begin finding potential products based on the suggested max load and deflection/travel, as well as the spring rate. Select all of your potential springs and “Add to Compare”. Scroll to the top of the page once you have done so and click on “Compare Products” where they will be displayed side to side. Check out pricing at different quantities by clicking on “Quick View” or click on the part number to be directed to the product details page.

Having a hard time finding what you need? Feel free to contact our sales and engineering teams for help on design or finding your extension springs.

extension spring finder results in quickview pop-up